DelphiXE2Cpp11 only can be ordered directly form the manufacturer.
The price is 10000 €.

Version number:
Manufacturer part number: prof (= professional)

In special cases you may get a discount.
Please contact me:


Cooperation offer

There is a special cooperation offer for companies that have special translation requirements that are not fully covered by the existing product. If the company is willing to cooperate with the manufacturer of DelphiXE2Cpp11 in developing the corresponding extension, it will receive a reasonably priced packet, comprising not only the program, but also an at least one-month fulltime support, which will overcome the problems and fullfill the wishes that the company has.

program DelphiXE2Cpp11  3000,- € 
one month fulltime support  3000,- € 
total  6000,- € 

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