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The generated C++ code is essentially portable. It was tested successfully with the following compilers:




Borland CBuilder 6

Borland CodeGear C++ Builder 2009

Visual C++ 2008 Express




gcc 4.2



Perhaps smaller customizations of the code frames and of the supporting code could be required with other compilers and other systems.


The c++ code generated by the TextTransformer uses the library of regular expressions of Dr. Maddock at


The library conforms to the stl and was tested nearly with all actual operating systems and different compilers. Details can be found at


Xerces-C++ is portable too. A list of the supported operations systems and compilers is at:



For TETRA Xerces-C++ was made with Borlands CBuilder 6. To avoid a conflict with dll also delivered by Borland, the suggested name "XercesLib" was changed in "TTXercesLib".

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