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template <typename char_type> class CTT_BufferAbs


template <typename char_type> class CTT_BufferBase : public CTT_BufferAbs<char_type>


template <typename char_type> class CTT_BufferLL1ex : public CTT_BufferBase<char_type>


template <typename char_type > class CTT_BufferAll : public CTT_BufferBase<char_type>



When a text is parsed at least the token recognized last and the next token are buffered. The buffering happens with these classes.


CTT_BufferLL1ex contains three CTT_Match elements: two for the tokens just mentioned and perhaps a third token to which is jumped by SKIP.


CTT_BufferAll contains a Stack from CTT_Token to buffer the look-ahed tokens.



The template parameter either can be char or wchar_t.

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