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class CTT_Xerces


This class capsules a xerces DOMDocument and contains some functions to use it.

A pointer to an instance of this class is contained in CTT_ParseStateDomPlugin. So the document can be created in the parser and used afterwards..




   CTT_Xerces(const std::string& xsRootElementName,

              const std::string& xsEncoding,

              bool xbWriteBOM = false,

              bool xbPrettyPrint = true,

              bool xbWriteDOMDeclaration = true,

              bool xbStandalone = true);



  XERCES_CPP_NAMESPACE::DOMDocument* GetDocument();


  void          setDTDParams(const std::string& xsName,

                             const std::string& xsPublicID,

                             const std::string& xsSystemID);


  bool    createDocument();

  void    destroyDocument();

  bool    writeToFile(const std::string& xsFilename);

  bool    writeToString(std::string& xsResult);

  bool    writeToString(std::wstring& xsResult);

  bool    writeToStream(std::ostream& xos);

  bool    writeToStream(std::wostream& xos);

  bool    hasDOM() const;


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