Mismatch between declaration and use of parameters

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This error message (or warning, see below) appears either, if a production or token is called with a wrong number of parameters or if the types of the parameters are not convertible.


For example a parameter declaration of the production XXX may be:


Parameter: int xs


and the production is called by:


{{str s = "Hello";}}


XXX[s] // wrong parameter type


A variable of the type string cannot be converted to an "int"-value. Also to leave out the parameter results in the same message.


XXX // missing parameter



As a warning this message appears if the production is used within a look-ahead production. In look-ahead productions no semantic actions are carried out and not therefore no parameter is used either. In complex projects, however, it can happen that the same production is used also with semantic actions, what may lead to an error only at execution of the transformation program.


To be sure, that no error can happen, you can use dummy parameters.

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