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To solve the conflict, word must be factored out.

For phrase this is easy. The rule will be redefined as:


phrase = word*


and at all positions, where phrase is used in the grammar, phrase is replaced by:


word phrase


The mailbox production just is the only occurrence of phrase; so it becomes to:


mailbox ::= addr_spez | word phrase route_addr


Analogously is dealt with local_part. The production is redefined to


local_part ::= ("." word)*


and all places, where local_part exists in the grammar are replaced by:


word local_part


So addr_spez becomes to:


addr_spez ::= word local_part "@" domain


Finally word is extracted from addr_spez too, whereby this production regains it's old form (but with a new defined local_part):


addr_spez ::= local_part "@" domain


Here you must pay attention, because addr_spez is also used in route_addr.


route_addr ::= "<" (route)? word addr_spez ">"


And finally


mailbox ::= word addr_spez | word phrase route_addr


Now the factoring out of word can be completed:


mailbox ::= word ( addr_spez | phrase route_addr )


If you compile this rule now, there is no conflict any more.


The corrected project is:





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