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The example Conversion of an Atari text is similar to the previous one. However, not words, but special characters are exchanged here.


Problem definition:


Texts, which were written on an Atari computer shall be used in a text editor under Windows. A special problem arises if a text uses letters, which are not part of the English alphabet: e.g. the umlauts in the German text example.



TETRA program:


You can find such a text in the subdirectory Atari of the Example directory of TETRA: "\TextTransformer\Examples\Atari1\Test.txt". Please open it by File->Open.


After you have opened the text, its beginning looks like:






The text contains characters, which are represented by an empty square "". On the one hand, these are characters which define text attributes (underline, bold, italics) in the Atari word processing. On the other hand, these are special characters like the umlauts, which aren't represented correctly. So the text must be converted.



You can load the TETRA project by which such a conversion can be executed, by the menu: File->Open project. The Project is in the same directory as the test text:





The tokens, productions and actions of the projekt are presented. Finally a second version of the project is presented, which transforms the text into the RTF format.

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