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By the TextTransformer projects can be made which work similarly as the search-and-replace function in word processing programs. But with the TextTransformer a lot of files can be processed at once and many substitutions can be carried out at the same time in each of these files. The wizard described here supports the construction of such projects.


To this you simply have to input the list of searching and replace expressions into a table.

The input of the values into the table works just like at the tables of other wizards.






If you have entered all word pairs and have operated the confirming button by which the editing mode is exited, you get the text of a production displayed on the next page of the wizard. This production suffices for the whole word substitution project.



   "Hello"     {{ out << xState.str(-1) << "Hallo";}}

| "World"     {{ out << xState.str(-1) << "Welt";}}

| WORD        {{ out << xState.copy(); }}

| PUNCT       {{ out << xState.copy(); }}



WORD ::= [^[:space:][:punct:]]+ 

PUNCT ::= [[:punct:]]+ 


If you now finish the wizard, the project is ready for application.



The substitution list can be stored and afterwards reloaded. Frequently, it will be easier to carry out modifications and complements directly in the created project, however.



In the directory:




there are two lists of titles of films in English and in German, which you can use for experiments


Film_en_ge.txt und Film_ge_en.txt

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