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If you call the tree wizard in the HELP menu, then a choice appears for the manner, how the tree shall be created.




The operation of this wizard is explained in detail in the Java example.It is the advantage of this option that by changes of the inserted code, the tree creation can be controlled easily. So e.g. specifically certain elements can be ignored.


It is the advantage of the tree creation by the events however that the tree generation is independently carried out from the code of the productions.


There are three kinds of trees which can be generated:




On the one hand, they are different by the number of elements represented in them and on the other hand by the time of the creation. The tree with a minimal number of branches is produced from a help container after the last production called from the start production is left. The other trees are produced during the the parsing process and can already be used then.


There is a video, which demonstrates this kind of tree:



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