Arithmetic operators

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Following arithmetic operators exist:

Binary operators:


Op1 * Op2

Op1  / Op2

Op1 % Op2  (modulus or remainder)

Op1 + Op2

Op1 - Op2


Unary operators:




Applied on types, which represents numbers, the operators  + (addition), - (subtraction), * (multiplication) and / (division) execute the according basic arithmetical operation.

(op1 % op2)  Remainder of (op1 divided by op2)


For / and %, op2 must be nonzero op2 = 0 results in an error. (You can't divide by zero.)

% cannot be applied on the double type.


The operator ++ (increment) adds the number 1 to the value of the expression.

The operator -- (decrement) subtracts the number 1 of the value of the expression.


Applied on strings the addition causes a concatenation of the characters.


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