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Inside of the TextTransformer some instructions are available, which are no standard instructions.


stod                to convert an str to double

stoi                to convert an str to int

hstoi                to convert a hexadicimal sting to int

stoc                to convert a stirng to a character


dtos                to convert a double value to an str

itos                to convert a int value to a str

itohs                to convert an interger into a hexadecimal string

ctohs                to convert a character into a hexadecimalstring

ctos                to convert a character into a string



Remark: An integer variable, which represents an ANSI value, can be converted directly into the character by assignment to a char variable:


char c = 65; //  c == 'A'



to_upper_copy        returns an upper case string

to_lower_copy        returns a lower case string

trim_left_copy                removes leading spaces

trim_right_copy        removes trailing spaces

trim_copy                removes leading and trailing spaces



In the professional version the source code for these instructions is delivered in the file: tt_lib.cpp


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