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The sum of the settings of the transformation manager is called a management here. A management is a transformation manager project. To prevent a mistake with a TextTransformer project, it is described as a management.


By the menu item: Save management as. you can save a management


By the menu item: Open management, you then can reload a management. Recent managements can be accessed quickly by the history list in the menu.


A management can be used to control the commandline tool Tetra_cl too.


Managements are save with the extension "ttm". They are parsed by the project FileList.ttp.


The syntax for a management was designed as scarce and simple as possible, so that it also can be written by hand. A management consists in the extreme case in only one file path.

Fields to inactive options aren't stored in a management also if they are readable in the transformation manager. When parsing a management, values are deciding by their existence, whether the options for which they are needed, are active or not. E.g. the existence of a target path decides, whether files are written over or not.



An example management is in the folder of the GrepUrls example:


single_target = C:\Program Files\TextTransformer\Examples\GrepUrls\Result.txt

log_file = C:\Program Files\TextTransformer\Log\transformation.log

+ r C:\Program Files\TextTransformer\Examples\GrepUrls\boost\*.htm;*.html


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