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User interface > Main menu > Menu: Options > Environment options > File filter


On the second register page of the environment options and in the dialog for the transformation of groups of files you can change the set of filters for the files, which can be opened by the TextTransformer.


In the box all types of files are listed, which you can choose at the moment, either to open a file into the input window or to filter a group of files for transformation. Each item can be deleted or changed.


To add a new filter, you first have to click on the New button. Now you can write the description and the filter itself into the according fields. It is possible, to list several masks into a single filter. To do this, you have to separate the single masks by semicolons. For example:


Description:        Pascal files

Filter:                *.PAS;*.DPK;*.DPR


If a mask was added, deleted or changed and you finish the dialog by Ok, the whole list is saved, so that you can use it in the next session with the TextTransformers again.


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