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User interface > Main menu > Menu: Options > Project options > Code generation > Only copy all code


If this option is set, the parts of the code in the semantic actions, which are written into a generated c++ parser, simply are copied.

The option normally isn't set. The interpretable parts then are reconstructed from the parsed form and there will be a new formatting and a transformation of some constructs. In this case the exportable parts also are changed.

Such transformations are necessary for


member function calls, which need an additional xState parameter
Abbreviated notations, which are only valid in the interpreter, are replaced: out -> xState.out(); indent -> xState.indent(), format -> boost::format.
insertions (by add) of member functions into function tables. Here the second string parameter - the name of the function - is translated to a pointer of the member function.
If a wide character parser is generated, some additional replacements are done: "Hi" -> L"Hi"; format -> boost::wformat;



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