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The following predefined tokens can be inserted in a project by a pop-up menu.


STRING:        "([^"\\\r\n]*(\\.[^"\\\r\n]*)*)"


String, beginning and ending with a double quote (\"). The string may contain other double quotes, if they are preceded by backslashes.


"This expression was \"Friedl\" optimized"


The first sub-expression contains the characters inside of the outer double quotes, that means, by xState.str(1) you can access this text directly.


A string as defined here cannot extend the end of line.


Remark: The expression is optimized according to Friedl's scheme




CHAR_CPP:        '(\\?.)'


Characters are included in quotes as usual in c++. Preceded by a backslash, they get a special meaning, as e.g. '\n': the line feed.


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