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The text of a production defines a grammar rule. The syntax for this definition is leaned on the syntax of regular expressions. Grammar rules use some of the same Meta characters and introduce some new key words.


The following list cites all uses Meta characters:


| Separation of alternatives


(...) Grouping of expressions


* An optional repetition

+ A repetition


[...] Calling parameter of a production


{-...-} Semantic action inside the interpreter

{_..._} Semantic action to export into the generated code

{=...=} Exportable semantic action, which also is executed by the interpreter

{{...}} Semantic action for export or of the interpreter according to the option set



//        beginning of a line comment


The additional key words are:


BREAK to quit a recognition loop

EXIT to finish parsing

EOF end of input (end of file)

SKIP jump to the next token, which may follow one of the alternates of SKIP

IF...ELSE...END Conditional execution

WHILE...END Conditional execution



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