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In the field Text the token definition as regular expression is formulated. In the simples form


the whole expression is written into the first line of the field.


This is possible in each case and in most cases this will be done so. But you can increase the readability of complex expressions by


writing them into several commented lines.


Hereby the parts of the expression must be at the beginnings of the different lines and the conjunction of the lines is made by a backslash " \" preceded of at least one white space. Each conjunction character "\" and also the last part of the regular expression may be followed by a line comment. A line comment begins with two slashes "//" and covers the rest of the line. The text must be separated from line comments by at least on white space or a line break. The following notations are equivalent:


\w+::\w+ // class and function name


\w+ \  // class name

::\w+  // function name


\w+ \

// class name


// function name




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