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A Delphi class method can be called through a class reference or an object reference:.



 TBase = class(TObject)


    class function ClassMethod(xi: Integer): Integer;






  pBase: TBase;

  i : Integer;


  i := TBase.ClassMethod(0);  // calling through a class reference

  pBase := TBase.Create;

  i := pBase.ClassMethod(0);  // calling through a object reference



The most natural way to translate such class methods is to convert them into C# static methods



class TBase: public TObject 


  public static int ClassMethod( int xi )






However static methods cannot be called by an instance in C#. Therefor the call by a class instance is converted to a call of the class itself too:


TBase* pBase = NULL;

int i = 0;

TBase::ClassMethod( 0 );  // calling through a class reference

pBase = new TBase;

TBase::ClassMethod( 0 );  // calling through a object reference



Two problems aren't solved yet in Delphi2C#.


1.In the defining declaration of a class method, the identifier Self represents the class where the method is called. In C# however inside of a static function there is no counterpart to Delphi's Self (this isn't defined her).
2.Delphi class methods can be virtual, C# static methods cannot.:





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