converts Delphi source files to C#.

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Delphi2C# is based on the long-standing experiences with Delphi2Cpp. The quality of the generated code is different for the two target languages and also depends on the specific nature of the source code.

Both, Delphi and C# were designed by the Danish software engineer Hejlsberg. That's why both languages have a set of concepts and and even classes in common. An example of it is the StringBuilder class. Therefore a special refactoring dialog has been created for Delphi2C# which helps to use such C# counterparts immediately in the translated Delphi code.

However, there also is a fundamental difference between Delphi and C#. C# code is managed so that there aren't any pointers to memory addresses. In contrast some basic units of the Delphi RTL heavily make use of pointers. The core of the Delphi RTL is rebuilt for C# therefore and some classes to simulate pointers are provided too.


A company which wants to port its software written with Delphi will save enormous costs at use of Delphi2C#. However, such a porting is executed only once and
every single customer has special needs. Even after several years of development Delphi2C# will not accomplish all these needs. Therefore it is offered at first as a reasonably priced packet, comprising not only the program, but also a one-month fulltime support, which will overcome the problems and fullfill the wishes that the customer has.

program Delphi2C#  3300,- € 
one month fulltime support  3300,- € 
total  6600,- € 

Delphi2C# is an individual offer for companies and can be refined and extended to their special needs.


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"So, all in all we are very pleased with Delphi2C#."

Henk van der Meer
Innomeer 02/02/2023

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