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The productions and tokens can directly be tested and executed inside of the TextTransformer. To do this, first write or load a source text, which shall be analyzed or transformed. Now you have to choose a start rule from the combo box in the tool bar.


The program (the start rule) can be executed in different modes: step by step or

at a stretch. In both case at first the start rule will be parsed and presented in the syntax tree together with its sub-rules.



There are numerous aids simplifying the debugging of TextTransformer projects:


The recognized and expected text sections are highlightedly
Breakpoints can be put in the text
Breakpoints also can be put in the syntax tree
The contents of variables can be looked up in the variable inspector
You can jump back to the current position
The information retrieved last is shown in the info-box
Debug information is output in the log window


Further aids are put in the navigation block


The recognized and the expected tokens are shown
A stack of the called productions is shown
The first sets of productions and branches are shown

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