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One TextTransformer project can be used for a second project as a preprocessor. I.e. the second project takes the target text the first as a source text. BinaryCheck would be a suitable preprocessor for projects which shall be applied to all texts of a folder notwithstanding their special file extension. For text files only BinaryCheck delivers the source text, at binary files BinaryCheck fails and doesn't deliver any text.


The source file has to be opened in the binary mode. Otherwise it would not be guaranteed that BinaryCheck works. If binary files are opened in the text mode, they are read incompletely in most cases.

The binary mode can be set in the project options on the encoding page:




Since TextTransformer 1.5.5 the binary mode is predefined for new projects.


BinaryCheck can be selected in the project options of another project as preprocessor now. You can see a part of the result of a test with TextStats in the  transformation-manager below:




You can see that the transformation of mini_ws.exe has failed because of his size and unins000.dat was identified as a binary file. The text file readme.txt, however, was processed correctly.




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