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For the settings of this register page some restrictions have to be taken into account. The settings cannot be reproduced completely in the debug mode and the functions to write UTF-8 encoded output, only are implemented in the transformation manager of the TextTransformer and in command line tool and are not part of the code accompanying the Professional Version of the TextTransformer.


For the source text and the target text you can adjust the encoding independently:





You cannot use RedirectOutput, if UTF-8 options is set. By this option RedirectOutput is performed already.


Further you can adjust for the input file and the destination file, in which mode they are opened:


Text mode

Binary mode


If files are read and written in the binary mode, then there is no difference of their data in the working memory and on the hard disk. In the text mode,however, conversions are made under Windows for the treatment of the line breaks. So, e.g.  a single linefeed characters '\n' is combined with a carriage return character '\r' to"\r\n" when the file is written..




After execution of the statement:


out << '\n';        or out << endl;


"\r\n" is written in the output text.


In the binary mode such a transformation isn't carried out. A Windows line break then must be written explicitly by:


out << "\r\n " or out << '\r' << endl;


The editor - in contrast to the viewer - is not able to represent line breaks with simple linefeed characters.(However, both types of line breaks can be recognized by the EOL token. )


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