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In Coco/R the ignorable characters and comments are defined separately. (The space character is always ignored.)Additional there are pragmas to control the compiler, which may occur at arbitrary positions inside of the source. In the script Cr_17.atg this is written in the lines:


IGNORE tab + eol + lf


Options = "$" {letter}.


FROM "/*" TO "*/" NESTED


In the TextTransformer the ignorable characters, comments and pragmas are combined to one expression and set in the project options:


IGNORE:         [\r\n\t ]

PRAGMA =      \$[[:alpha:]]*

COMMENT =     /\*([^*]|\*+[^*/])*\*+/  


results in a new IGNORE:



         ([\r\n\t ]| \




Remark: Nested comments cannot be defined in the TextTransformer.

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