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You should know the most essential operation elements of TETRA.


This example is for advanced users of the TextTransformer and the compiler compiler Coco.


The TextTransformer was inspired by the compiler compiler Coco/R and is related to it in many respects. The productions of a Coco/R compiler description can be translated into the syntax of the TextTransformer essentially without problems.

This is the task of the project in the directory:




An example source is the script Cr_17.atg

(originally: Cr.atg. The 17 is the version number of Coco/R. The Java project is an adaption of a newer Coco/R project.) In this script the syntax of the Coco/R compiler description language itself is defined.


To parse the script, the TextTransformer has to adapt definitions of the script:


the same ignorable characters must be defined

the same tokens must be recognized

the productions must be parsed in the same manner







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