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If a transformation of a Coco/R scripts is performed, the result can be saved as a file with the extension "ttr". Such a file can be imported into the TextTransformer.

The token have to be translated directly - as just explained - and added to the project on the token page manually.

In the automatic transformation, there might be some incorrect translations.


1.: You have to check, if all empty alternatives are followed by a semantic action.


2.: The simple replacement of the ANY symbols by the SKIP symbol might be incorrect. The according positions have to be checked.


In the Cr_17.atg project following corrections have to be done:


( ANY )* can be replaced simply by SKIP
{ ANY | badstring } must be replaced by ( SKIP | string | badstring )*. Otherwise a text including a quotation would be taken into a piece before the closing quotation mark and a piece after the closing quotation mark, that means into: SKIP badstring.

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