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You should know the most essential operation elements of TETRA.


In the directory




is the project for the TETRA interpreter. All actions are removed.



The parser for the interpreter is based on a grammar, which you can find at:





* PUBLIC DOMAIN PCCTS-BASED C++ GRAMMAR (cplusplus.g, stat.g, expr.g)


* Authors: Sumana Srinivasan, NeXT Inc.;            sumana_srinivasan@next.com

*          Terence Parr, Parr Research Corporation; parrt@parr-research.com

*          Russell Quong, Purdue University;        quong@ecn.purdue.edu






* This file is a part of the ANTLR-based C++ grammar and is free

* software.  We do not reserve any LEGAL rights to its use or

* distribution, but you may NOT claim ownership or authorship of this

* grammar or support code.  An individual or company may otherwise do

* whatever they wish with the grammar distributed herewith including the

* incorporation of the grammar or the output generated by ANTLR into

* commerical software.  You may redistribute in source or binary form

* without payment of royalties to us as long as this header remains

* in all source distributions.


* We encourage users to develop parsers/tools using this grammar.

* In return, we ask that credit is given to us for developing this

* grammar.  By "credit", we mean that if you incorporate our grammar or

* the generated code into one of your programs (commercial product,

* research project, or otherwise) that you acknowledge this fact in the

* documentation, research report, etc....  In addition, you should say nice

* things about us at every opportunity.


* As long as these guidelines are kept, we expect to continue enhancing

* this grammar.  Feel free to send us enhancements, fixes, bug reports,

* suggestions, or general words of encouragement at parrt@parr-research.com.


* NeXT Computer Inc.

* 900 Chesapeake Dr.

* Redwood City, CA 94555

* 12/02/1994


* Restructured for public consumption by Terence Parr late February, 1995.


* DISCLAIMER: we make no guarantees that this grammar works, makes sense,

*             or can be used to do anything useful.




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