Most essential operation elements

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It is suggested that you read the introduction and experiment with the wizard for new projects and with the examples, before you begin to develop your own projects.




Either open an existing project and an input text by the file menu or write a text directly into the input window and on the production page


add_btn create a new production and

accept_btn confirm.



A program only can be parsed and executed, if in the selection box of the tool bar




a start rule is set and only, if the actions are activated, there will be an output.



To parse a production, use the button:




This button exists as well on the tool bar, where it will parse the start rule of the project as on the production page, where it will treat the actual production as start rule.




Execution of a TextTransformer program is triggered either by:


runbtn in the slow debug mode


with the possibility of break points and complete error messages, or by:


execute fast in the execution mode.



Return from the debug or the execution modus into the edit mode by


resetbtn Reset.



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