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ASCII is an acronym for "American Standard Code for Information Interchange". The ASCII-code is an assignment of numbers to the characters of the US-American alphabet, to the digits and to the punctuation characters. Furthermore the ASCII-code contains so-called control characters.


In the extended ASCII-code also characters of other languages can be denoted; for example the German umlauts.


Beside of the ASCII-code there are other codes. Windows prefers the ANSI-code ( more exact: Windows-1252). For some years has there been the Unicode set which can represent almost all written languages of the world.





The upper 'A' has an ASCII-code of 65. The ASCII-code of a space is 32.


You can see the whole table in the TextTransformer: Help->ASCII-table.


Warning:  the ASCII-code of a digit is not identical with its numeric value. The digit '2' for example has the ASCII-code 50.

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