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TextTransformer is made for many kinds of apllication and users. This help was therefore written so that it should be comprehensible also of programming newcomers.


The examples are constructed like a tutorial and demonstrate the possibilities of the TextTransformer. It is suggested that you experiment with these before developing your own applications.


The introduction presents a short view on the working method of TextTransformer and explains some basic notions.


A wizard helps to create new projects. It is suitable to play with the options of this wizard, to get a first impression of the TextTransformer.



In this help the expression TETRA will be used sometimes as abbreviation of the

TextTransformer program.


TETRA is a program to create, test and execute rules and instructions, which transform a source text into a target text.


The TextTransformer exists in three versions. In contrast to the free version the standard version allows index operations, as for example, the access of sub-expressions of regular expressions and the use of container classes. Furthermore the transfomation manager, the variable-inspector and most wizards are provided only for the standard and professional version. Only the professional version can generate C++ source code.


In blue font the sections of this help are marked, which only concern the professional version.


The red font is used to emphasize warnings or other important remarks.







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