Grammar tests

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A TextTransformer program must suffice to the condition of the so-called LL(1) analysis, which will be explained in this chapter. If one of these conditions is not fulfilled, the TextTransformer creates an error message or a warning. In the case of an error message, the error must be eliminated, otherwise the program can neither be executed nor code can be generated. In the case of a warning, the program can be executed and code can be created, but there are conflicts, which the TextTransformer resolves by an automatic choice. Generally the TextTransformer chooses the possibility, which the syntax analysis meets at first. In rare cases this resolution contradicts to the intentions of the program author:


In detail a TETRA grammar must fulfill the following conditions.


1. The grammar must be complete


2. Rules must be reachable


3. The grammar may not be circular


4. Rules must be derivable to terminals


5. The grammar must be LL(1)



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