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The plugin methods are using data, which are valid only for one pass through the parser or are changed dynamically while such a pass:


Paths and names of the input and output files

Redirection of the output

Indentation stack

Text-scope stack

Dynamic scanners

Error handling



The Plugin methods can be used in the interpreter, like normal functions.

Only in the case, that the parser shall be exported as c++ code, there are some points to be taken into account.


If the const option is active, you have to call the methods as methods of the parse state, if however the const option is deactivated both possibitities to call the methods are equivalent. For example:


const is not active:        ResetOutput(); 

or:                        xState.ResetOutput();


const is active:        xState.ResetCout();


The plugin methods are combined to this special group for the creation of multi threaded save code. The plugin methods and data are located in a special plugin class, which is "transported" through the productions by the parse state class. So they can be changed, without any influence on the state of a  const parser.




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