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void RedirectOutput( const str& xsFilename )

void RedirectOutputBinary( const str& xsFilename )

void RedirectOutput( const str& xsFilename, bool xbAppend )

void RedirectOutputBinary( const str& xsFilename, bool xbAppend )

void ResetOutput( )



void RedirectCout( const str& xsFileName, bool xbAppend);

void ResetCout()        





When the command RedirectOutput is called, all output will be written into the file with the name, which is specified by the parameter xsFileName. out then represents the file xsFileName. If a file with this name doesn't exist, it will be created.

Per default an existing file with the specified name will be overwritten. If the second parameter xbAppend is true, the output will be appended to an existing text.


The command has an effect only within the transformation-manager, the command line program or the exported code. In the working space the output always is written completely into the output window.


You cannot use RedirectOutput, if in the options UTF8 encoding is set. By this option RedirectOutput internally is performed already.


By RedirectOutput you can split the target into different files.



By ResetOutput the original state is restored. So the output to out is printed into the original file.


It is neither necessary to call ResetOutput before calling RedirectOutput nor at the end of a transformation.


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