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The list of the files which will be produced are shown on the third tab-page of the transformation manager. In this view also all files are listed one by one, which result from sources, which are specified by a general filter.




In case of an N:1 transformation the different rows of a table show which source files can contribute to the file to be produced.




Excluding individual files


Similar to the table of the source files the table of the expected target files contains a field with a check box to exclude individual files. Here you can exclude single files whose source files lie in a selected source folder.



When writing a management the source files belonging to the excluded target files are excluded. If the management then is loaded, these files appear in the source text table and no more in the target text table.


Excluding successful transformed files


If, currently, the transformation of the files being part of the management was executed already once, then by the button ExcludeSuccess all those files can be excluded from another transformation which were already transformed successfully. So it is possible to apply a corrected project alone to the files which, till now, couldn't be transformed.


Including all files


By the button ExcludeNo all selections for the exclusion of files can be removed.





You can refresh the list of files by the button RefreshTargets .


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