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Here you can determine, if - after compilation of a production - the names of all nodes are displayed in the syntax tree or, if only the names of the terminal, SKIP and non-terminal nodes (respectively their branches) are displayed. In the last case the syntactical structure is to be seen clearer. The names of repeats and alternatives only are important if you want to see the relationship to produced c++ code.


tree_complex_simple non/terminal names only



tree_complexall names





If a transformation is executed step by step, the current position is marked by a token in the input text. Depending on setting this is


the token recognized last, or

the next expected token


A default setting, which is active at the start of the TextTransformer can be set here. However, this value can always be changed during debugging by the button:


ShowRecognizedToken        show recognized token


ShowExpectedToken        show expected token



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