Inclusions (comments)

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Here you can select a production from a box, which shall be used for parsing inclusions - mostly comments. If this production is put in the global project options, then it is valid for all productions of the project, i.e. also for the chosen production itself; so e.g. nested comments are parsed correctly.




CppComment ::= "/*" ( NUMBER | ID | "." | "-" )* "*/"


If CppComment is set in the project options for parsing inclusions, the following comment is also parsed:


/* 1. level /* 2. level */ 1. level */


Unfortunately, the following production doesn't work if comments are nested:


CppComment ::= "/*" ( SKIP | STRING )* "*/"

// ! this definition isn't appropriate for nested comments


The Text, recognized by SKIP were:


1. level /* 2. level


So the beginning of the inner comment would be skipped and the end of the inner comment then interpreted as the end of the complete inclusion.


If the nesting isn't wished, then in the local options of CppComment the empty field can be set for the inclusions. As well for any other production the inclusions can be adjusted individually.




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