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All script pages have a same looking tool bar.






       add_btn        New script

       accept_btn        Accept changes

       cancel_btn        Cancel changes

       delete_btn        Delete script



       parseisolated_btn        Parse/Test single script

       parse_context        Parse/Test all connected scripts (with a common start rule or group)

       parse_all_btn        Parse/Test all scripts


       back_btn        to the previous script

       backback_btn        again to script




The same actions are accessible as items of the project menu. This menu is displayed only inside of the main menu, if a tab window for a script management is visible.






In the project menu additional items for local options, for import and export of scripts and to remove the semantic code in scripts are shown. On the element page and on the test page instead of the last menu item, there is the possibility to erase all scripts of the corresponding page.


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