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You can define a plugin for a parser. The plugin can be initialized outside of the parser and accessed as well inside the parser as outside after the parsing has finished. For example you can store the results of the parsing inside of the plugin.

By the plugin dynamic data can be used even in a const parser for multithreading applications.

The pointer to the plugin type is set into the class for the parse state. Per default this is




If dnodes are used in the project, you have to chose




In this case the Xerces library has to be linked to the produced code.


If this type needs a template parameter for the character type, this can be set by the next option.


If no such pointer is passed to an interface-method, a local instance of the plugin will be created automatically. CTT_ParseStatePlugin contains all data, which are necessary for the plugin-methods.


User defined plugins have to be derived from CTT_ParseStatePlugin or from CTT_ParseStatePluginAbs.


The pointer to the plugin-type is a template parameter for the parse state class and is also written as a typedef into the parser class. So the complete type of the plugin in known inside of the parser and data and functions of the plugin can be accessed without a typecast.


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