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By the function: clear semantic code, all semantic actions can be removed from a script. Parameters and return types are removed too.


On the token page in all scripts the parameters, return types and actions are removed.

On the production page, you can call this function either for an individual script or for all scripts of this page.

On the element page, there is nothing but semantical code. So you have the possibility to remove all scripts totally from the project.

On the test page, there is the possibility too, to remove all scripts totally from the project.


in the general Edit menu, there is the possibility to remove the semantic code of the token page, the production page and the element page at once.




If this function is applied ont:


Parameter: str& xs

return type:



m_bInNewLine = true;

node n("ClearItpText");




xs = m_ftClear.visit(n);



out << xs;



one gets:









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