Delphi2Cpp 2.x

converts Delphi source files to C++.

Delphi2Cpp is based on a complete Delphi parser and yields optimal translation results by use of the type information of the VCL and other included units.

The source code doesn't have to be prepared. Definitions for the conditional compilation can be set in the options of Delphi2Cpp. The code is immediately pre-processed at the translation.

Delphi2cpp can produce code for all C++ compilers. C++Builder is most suitable as a target, because of its language expansions. However, there is the option too, to produce code for other compilers like Visual C++ or gcc without Delphi-properties.

1000 lines for free

Delphi2Cpp 2 is based on the long-standing experiences with Delphi2Cpp 1. However, while Delphi2Cpp 1 merely is able to translate Delphi 7 code to C++, Delphi2Cpp 2 also converts the Delphi language extensions, which have been added since the release of Delphi 7 in 2006. The C++ standard also has developed within these years. Delphi2Cpp 2 uses some of the new feature of C++ 11 (14, 17).

Delphi2Cpp originally was a project for the demonstration of the power of the TextTransformer program. Therefore Delphi2Cpp 1 is largely limited to the C++ interpreter which is integrated in the TextTransformer. Delphi2Cpp 2, however, is entirely newly developed. Though the Delphi parser still is created with the TextTransformer, the translation of the parsed code is carried out independently of the TextTransformer with the full possibilities of C++ now. Therefore there are no limits for further improvements of the quality of the translation.

Delphi2Cpp 2 is optimized for the generation of code for Visual C++ under Windows 64 bit, but other platforms and compilers are supported too, last but not least the C++Builder.

New in Delphi2Cpp 2

Language extensions since Delphi 7
  • Unicode source files
  • Unit scope names (dotted filenames)
  • Operator overloading
  • Class helpers
  • Class-like records
  • Nested classes
  • Anonymous methods
  • Generics
Use of new features of C++11
  • auto type for temporary with-variables
  • array initialization with std::initializer_list
  • lambda-functions for nested functions
  • std::function for events
  • simulation of __finally
Other improvements
  • Nifty simulation of class references
  • Ambiguity resolution
  • Array return values and assignments
  • Much improved calculation of operator precedences
  • Type-map for intrinsic types
  • Refactoring dialog

In addition to Delphi2Cpp 2, the cheaper old Delphi2Cpp 1 version is still available.
Detailed comparision of Delphi2Cpp 1 and Delphi2Cpp 2
There is also a translation service

Delphi2Cpp is an independent product which is made with the TextTransformer.

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"Thanks for your great work, really appreciate the work you have done on zlib and compiling ... test case."

Mattewada, Udayabhaskar
Nokia India 02/01/2021

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"A masterpiece -- Delphi2Cpp has exceeded all my expectations by far."

Tony Hürlimann
virtual-optima 08/20/2011

"First off, I have to say WOW! Delphi2Cpp is doing a *fantastic* job!"

Daniel Flower
linkrealms 01/15/2011

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