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Press releases

Delphi2Cpp 1.2.0: for compilers like Visual C++ or gcc now too
Published also on widespreadpr

Delphi2Cpp 1.0.0: Converter from Object-Pascal (Delphi) to C++
TextTransformer 1.6.0: Conversion of binary files
TextTransformer 1.5.0: Conversion of arbitrary file formats to XML
TextTransformer 1.4.1: 3d2f.com review
TextTransformer 1.4.0: Debugging look-ahead productions
TextTransformer 1.3.0: IDE with dockable windows now

TextTransformer wins BCB contest 2006

Processing many files at once : TextTransformer 1.2.0
Parsing text inclusions: TextTransformer 1.1.0

1. Press release
TextTransformer 1.0.0 released
2. Press release
New release: TextTransformer 1.0.0

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Latest News
Aurora2Cpp: Delphi 7 translator [more...]

Delphi2Cpp 2.3: Conversion of DFM files [more...]


... You have exceeded my expectations and I love your product. We will get a lot of use out of it in the future for other projects."

Charles Finley
xformix 23-02-07


I was extremely impressed with your components and tools. Not only extremely powerful but very professionally done and well documented, etc. Really quality work, congratulations

mouser (First Author, Administrator)

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