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A lot of information is represented in in the TextTransformer, distributed over a variety  of docking windows. Depending on the actual working step and the kind of the project a certain part of it is needed. The optimal order of the windows depends on the technical equipment (e.g. the screen resolution) and the individual preferences of the user. Therefore there is the possibility to make and store special window layouts, to have them at the disposal again, when required.


For the basic situations of editing and debugging projects there are prefabricated default layouts





If TextTransformer changes between editing and debug mode, the layout is changed automatically too. On the Layouts page of the options dialog for the user interface you  can choose other layouts for the two modes of the program.


The menu items in detail are:


Window list

Customize layout

Save layout

Restore default edit layout

Restore default debug layout



A video, that demonstrates th adaption of a layout, is at





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