Simulating Delphi Meta cpapbilities

The Meta RTTI capabilities of Delphi, which are partly reproduced by the C++ expansions of the C++ Builder, which however are not available for other compilers, can be simulated with a TObject class, which was developed especially for Delphi2Cpp. class methods, such as "ClassName" and "InheritsFrom", are available with that. There is even the possibility of producing objects of the respectively required type with a virtual "Create" method.

Also for the C++ Builder there is this possibility:
Delphi2Cpp can provide that a class which originally is derived from TObject of the C++ Builder VCL, is derived from a class TD2CObjekt in the translated code instead. TD2CObjekt has this "Create" method.

(The TObject/TD2CObject classe are delivered with the professional version of Delphi2Cpp only.)

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"A masterpiece -- Delphi2Cpp has exceeded all my expectations by far."

Tony Hürlimann
virtual-optima 08/20/2011

"First off, I have to say WOW! Delphi2Cpp is doing a *fantastic* job!"

Daniel Flower
linkrealms 01/15/2011

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