Delphi2CB 2.3
Conversion of DFM files to C++

The code of DFM files can now optionally be converted into C++ code that is executed at runtime when the form or a frame is created. Essentially, the DFM code becomes to a series of simple assignments of values to component properties. Delphi2Cpp also manages to map other sometimes complex serialization actions in an intuitive and simple way. For this purpose, special routines are called which do not assign the values to the properties directly, but rather pass them as arguments to the routines, in which further actions can then be carried out. Especially for third-party components, Delphi2Cpp can be configured to call such user-defined functions.
By translating the DFM code, GUI applications can be built in C++Builder that do not require any DFM files at all. For other compilers, converting the DFM code is the essential bridge to using C++ GUI libraries.

More details about converting DFM files

Delphi2CB 2.2

Adopting changes to Delphi2C# to facilitate translation of incomplete code

  • Recursive search for required units during translation
  • Optional generation of dummy code
  • Exclusion of certain files from translation
  • Use of a "cover" file for unknown types
  • Identifiers can be replaced by complex expressions

Delphi2CB 2.1
  • Delphi inline variables and constants become to C++ local variables and constants
  • Large ranges in case statements are shifted to the default section of a switch-statement now
  • Check of loop variable types, to prevent infinite loops
  • There is a new option to normalize namespace as C++Builder does
  • Simplified manipulation of initialization/finalization order of units
  • For C++Builder there is the new helper function DynamicArrayPointer to pass dynamic arrays
  • Initialization Finalization and Assign operators in records are parsed and output, but not automatically called in C++
  • The "Comp" type, which only exists for backwards compatibility, has been removed to avoid confusion with commonly used variables of that name
  • The code translated to C++ with Delphi2Cpp is now updated and hosted on GitHub
  • The video of the German presentation at CodeRage 2021 has now been uploaded to YouTube in three slightly expanded parts in English


Delphi2CB released

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"Though we have not finished the conversion yet, I'm glad that we've found you and could transform Eurocap to C++ with the help of Delphi2CB and you. (And I'm also glad that we could help you to make Delphi2CB better😉)"

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