Project description

Eurocap is a Delphi 10 project consisting of about 170 units with 200 000 lines of code. The project uses some third party components including several Jedi components, Abbrevia zip file component, Indy 10 components, Secure Bridge ssh and sftp client components and the delphi version of GNU gettext. We would like to convert this project to C++ builder such that the C++ Builder versions of the mentioned third party components are be used.

Result (after six weeks of support)

Everything is going more or less well: Eurocap runs, loads configuration files, works with some problems and todos, which - we hope can fix without your further help.

It seems that we are close to a full working C++ version of Eurocap.


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Latest News
Delphi2CB has been relased [more...]

Delphi2Cpp 2.0: DelphiXE2Cpp11 now is Delphi2Cpp 2.0 [more...]

"Though we have not finished the conversion yet, I'm glad that we've found you and could transform Eurocap to C++ with the help of Delphi2CB and you. (And I'm also glad that we could help you to make Delphi2CB better😉)"

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