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Calls of procedures and functions

In contrast to Delphi the calls of procedures and functions in C++ have to end with parenthesis even then, if no parameters are passed.

foo; -> foo();

Calls of inherited procedures and functions

For each class, which inherits from another a typedef is inserted into the C++ code, like

class foo: public bar {
typedef bar inherited;

So, if in Object Pascal "inherited" is followed by a method identifier, it can be translated easily to C++.

inherited.foo -> inherited::foo()

When "inherited" has no identifier after it, it refers to the inherited method with the same name as the enclosing method. In this case, inherited can appear with or without parameters; if no parameters are specified, it passes to the inherited method the same parameters with which the enclosing method was called. For example,

procedure foo.bar(b : BOOLEAN);


void __fastcall foo::bar ( bool b )
inherited::bar( b );

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